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At Boston Legal Services, We promote a holistic approach for our clients as we believe our society being a mature one, where we can construct our future in a peaceful way. We do not privilege a litigation society with win or lose outcomes.

Mediation and Arbitration are both considered as forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) outside the court process with both having the same goal in mind - A fair resolution of issues at hand.

Mediation and Arbitration are both considered as forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) outside the court process with both having the same goal in mind - A fair resolution of issues at hand.

  • We handle a multitude of case types- civil, workplace, commercial, business, community, etc., applying the tools to international standards and providing a full knowledge of facilitation and evaluation as well as designing a course of reference for the clients.
  • We are a client based ADR Administrator, providing a skilled panel of Mediators and Arbitrators to the legal, business or insurance communities nationwide. Our Mediators are specially selected and as part of our continuous improvement strategy, our mediators receive yearly trainings in their fields to continuously upgrade their skills set.

Our Services

AT BLS, Our firm members provide

  • A full range of dispute resolution services which include:
    • Mediation, Arbitration, System Design, Disputes, Review Board Functions, Special Master, Magistrate and Private Judging.
    • We have the capability and knowhow to serve our clients in any capacity required with a common objective to reach a reasonable reconciliation to resolve any dispute irrespective of its nature.
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • ENE - Early Neutral Evaluation


We believe Mediations can be exasperating, but ultimately they always provide a glittering success, with fairness at its core. We see Mediation as what many people call the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), other than a court process or decision.

  • We believe that Mediation is an art and not a rock-science - A place where conversations, dialogues, understanding and fairness prevail. It is a platform for possibilities, implying a resolution process for conflicts, litigation, disputes, divorce, etc.
  • We provide a large spectrum of formats depending on the specific context, each with every degree of formality or informality, as warranted.


International Arbitration is developed for International Businesses. Our team of professionals engaged with our firm, conduct International Arbitrations involving mainly technology and business related disputes. We rely on specific rules developed for international disputes and built on a framework based on international treaty and jurisdictions enforcement. We design procedures to meet legal and cultural expectations of specific parties involved.


We believe that Negotiation is the fundamental aspect to our life and the way we all distribute, create, protect, resolve and manage anything of value. Negotiation has been Omni-present since existence in every aspect between countries, business community, society and the list goes on. We can even say that Negotiation has delivered peace in war.

At Boston Legal Services, we provide system based Negotiation for any client before embarking on any project. Our team of professionals provides advice before going into any deal - mediation, arbitration or negotiation procedures.

Legal Advisory Services

At Boston Legal Services, we work in close collaboration with Barristers, Solicitors and Immigration Advisors, all regulated in the UK with different bodies. We advise our customers the best suitable Legal Professional, Chamber or Immigration Advisor, according to their budget and case profile, for the best outcome.

We also help customers and/or applicants with the right Solicitor or Immigration caseworker, for their specific needs for Immigration matters.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)

At Boston Legal Services, we provide Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) Services for specific cases.

ENE is a process that may take place soon after a case has been filed in court or at times when clients/parties want just to have an overview or likeliness of what could be the outcome if the matter is carried in a court system. The case is referred to an expert, typically a retired judge, an arbitrator or an attorney, who is asked to provide a balanced and unbiased evaluation of the dispute. The parties either submit written comments or meet in person with the expert. The expert identifies each side's strengths and weaknesses and provides an evaluation of the likely outcome of a trial. This evaluation can assist the parties in assessing their case and may propel them towards a settlement. The report is a non-binding document.

The goals of Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) are to:

  • Enhance direct communication between the parties about their claims and supporting evidence, in fair view.
  • Provide an assessment of the merits of the case by a neutral expert.
  • Provide a "reality check" for clients and lawyers and other related parties involved.
  • Identify and clarify the central issues in dispute
  • Assist with discovery and motion planning or with an informal exchange of key information.
  • Facilitate settlement discussions, when requested by the parties and to reach a "Win-Win" solution.

This then sets the scene for settlement negotiations. Whereas mediation is not concerned with considering the merits of a matter, this lies at the very core of ENE. ENE is therefore potentially of huge value in disputes where parties have vastly opposing stances and, perhaps, where one party may be oblivious of the realities of the case in hand (for example, where their claim is hopeless and/or they do not understand the risks of litigation).

Irrespective of the nature of legal services required, we at Boston Legal Services are here to provide a designated service in line with our motto of CSSQ [Cost, Scope, Schedule & Quality].

Code of Ethics

  • Our Mediators are handpicked and as part of our continuous improvement strategy, they receive advanced training to hone and polish their skills.
  • Firm members proposed through the company are expected to avoid conflict of interest.
  • Firm members are expected to carry the appropriate Professional Liability Insurance and their conduct is governed by their profession.
  • International Arbitration is developed for International Businesses and accordingly, Professionals associated with Boston Legal Services, conduct international arbitrations involving technology and business related disputes, worldwide. We therefore, rely on rules developed for international disputes built on a framework based upon international treaty and jurisdictions enforcement.
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