Why BGC?

At BGC, with our spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation, agility and market disruption, we have created a diversified group. Our team of senior consultants, with decades of industry and market experience, has developed in depth country heights and expertise in diversified sectors including Arbitration & mediation, Corporate training & coaching, Education, Technology, Consultancy and Holistic Health.


  • We challenge the status quo and disruption is in our DNA.
  • We promote a holistic approach of management and leadership style, adaptive to the fragmented and constantly changing world that bridges the gap to excellence.
  • We advocate as a game changer, rising to challenges, going deep to unlock insight and having the courage to act.
  • We promote an internal culture that respects everyone and has a winning mentality through our core values.
  • We have an unwavering commitment to inclusion and diversity and we create a culture where everyone feels having an equal opportunity.
  • Our team members are handpicked and are framed to unleash their potential for utmost competitiveness. We create future leaders with different skillsets to solve problems across the communities as well as at organizational and global levels.
  • We have strong talent retention strategy, with our pleasant yet extremely professional and challenging work environment, where talents are pushed to strive outside their comfort zone.
  • We promote meritocracy, apprenticeship and mentoring and evolve as one unified team across the Group.